Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Go Go Ford Further in New Ads

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The original Power Rangers discovered the merits of a truly transformative ride in Ford's latest series of Overdub commercials. The characters appear to sing praises of the 2017 Ford Escape in two ads. First, Scorpina and Goldar get testy about the different engines available in the Escape.

In the second ad, the heroes appear in an interview with Harvey to talk about the advanced technology in the Escape.

The Lionsgate live-action Power Rangers film opened in theaters on March 24 and in Japan on July 15. The official Power Rangers YouTube channel also had fun with a kitty reimagining in January.

Ford has previously created Overdub YouTube ads with the Sailor Guardians, David Hayter as Solid Snake and Dragon Ball Z. Toyota also started a new campaign collaborating with Street Fighter II and Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo. In 2014, Mercedes-Benz created live-action commercials starring Mario. The commercials were part of a mutual collaboration where Mercedes-Benz cars appeared in Mario Kart 8.

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