Case Closed Creator Toots Sound! Euphonium's Horn

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Chooses Nakagawa as his favorite

While the long-running mystery manga Case Closed may not seem like a series in thrall to current manga and anime trends, it appears that its artist, Gosho Aoyama, keeps up with anime more than one might think. In the latest volume of the manga (#92!), Aoyama offers his thoughts on his new favorite show:

The latest anime I've gotten into is Sound! Euphonium. Watching the wind instrument club move around in a big, chattering group takes me back to the time when I was in my high school's kendō club. "What a happy-go-lucky club..." Watching the anime, you can really feel how extremely severe the club must be — if one person messes up, it's an irreparable mistake for everyone! The wind instrument club is too extreme!! And by the way, my favorite character is Nakagawa ♪ (laughs)

Aoyama has also doffed his hat at anime like Hyōka and Lupin III as well as the light novel series Bōkyaku Tantei ("Oblivious Detective"); however, this takes the form of honoring their detective characters with a short profile in the "Detective Encyclopedia" that comes with each manga volume. More surprisingly, he has also revealed himself to be an avid player of Kantai Collection, which he got into during a hospitalization in 2015.

A Detective Encyclopedia entry describing Hyōka's Hōtarō

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