Yu Yu Hakusho Honored with Themed Food, Drinks at Ikebukuro Cafe

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25th anniversary of anime

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Yu Yu Hakusho anime, and fans of classic shōnen action are taking the opportunity to indulge in some nostalgia. AnimePlaza, a cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo that specializes in anime collaborations, is taking aim at this crowd with its latest theme, which gives fans a chance to have a relaxing lunch that also reminds them of favorite characters of yesteryear.

Yusuke gets a (beef and green onion) bowl, which in Japanese (don) sounds like an explosion like the ones he fires with his Spirit Gun. ($9)

Kuwabara gets omrice (an omelet with rice) and butter chicken curry on a plate reading "Yukina ♥ Life." ($11)

Hiei gets curry too, but a fearsome black one modeled after his Dragon of the Darkness Flame. ($10)

Kurama, naturally, gets a classy dish themed after his rose motif: Rose Genovese Pasta, complete with salmon slices as a rose garnish. ($11)

On the dessert menu, Yukina's Crystal Tears are honored with this frozen candy parfait. ($8.06)

Kurama fans might prefer this cake inspired by his Rose Whip Thorn Wheel. ($9)

What has drawn the most attention so far, though, are these two parfaits inspired by Toguro. The one on the left is "80% chocolate," but the one on the right is "100% chocolate"... and only ten are available each day.

But cafes are for drinking, right? AnimePlaza has you covered with melon soda, Blue Hawaii/ramune soda, cafe latte, and strawberry/Blue Hawaii/pink grapefruit soda.

... And this blueberry Coke, "Rose Whip tea" (in both hot and iced varieties), blood orange juice, and regular orange juice.

The cafe also sells these exclusive goods:

Badges (500 yen/$4.58)

Ball chain portraits (600 yen/$5.49)

Clear files (750 yen/$6.87)

Posters (700 yen/$6.41)

Customers will also get one of the above coasters and place mats for free.

Spend more than 3,000 yen ($27), and you can enter a lottery for these character panels.

Unfortunately, access to the cafe is restricted to those who first create an account with Adores (which can be done here; Japanese only) and then make a reservation, which can be rejected. The cafe lasts from April 28 to July 2, but reservations must be made at least ten days in advance. However, no reservations are needed for the merchandise corner.

AnimePlaza is located in East Ikebukuro 1-chōme 22-ban 12-, fourth floor. Yu Yu Hakusho has also collaborated with the smartphone game Monster Strike to celebrate its 25th anniversary, complete with a giant Elder Toguro statue.

Source: AnimePlaza

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