Game Maker Rejet's Latest Project is Undead Musical CDs

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Otome game maker Rejet has released games starring sadistic vampires (Diabolik Lovers), flamboyant singing demons (Dance with Devils), and mechanized band members (Scar-red Rider XechS). The company's latest project is a drama and musical CD combo all about another kind of lovers from the dark side: undead. Rejet announced its next foray into the non-living romance genre on April 28 on the Otome ni Focus! Tokimeki Mankai ☆ Rejet Mate Tokuban! program on Animate Channel.

The project is called Corpse Heart: Undead Musical and starts a lich, a mummy, a zombie, a ghoul, a wraith, and a necromancer. The protagonist encounters them at the "Midnight Black Magic School" in the U.K. where princes of corpses gather together. They have only one purpose: to find the unknown princess "Jewel Heart." The girl who possesses a trembling heart ("jewel") can allegedly bring them back to life. The annual "Easter festival" begins, starting the search for the princess. The princes of the dead begin their battle for you.

The musical CDs will be released as a series with "situation" tracks over the next six months. Character designer Michiya Fuji (Tōken Ranbu's Shokudaikiri Mitsutada) designed the characters for the CD jackets.

The first CD starring the lich prince Lizi (bottom right in the above image) goes on sale on July 26. Lizi is an arrogant lich prone to extreme mood swings. Prior to becoming a lich, he was a sorcerer but pursued black magic to end up where he is now. His CD contains two songs and a situation track and he's voiced by Ryohei Kimura (Diabolik Lovers More Blood's Kō Mukami, Valvrave's L-elf).

The project's other characters include the mummy Valery (voiced by Toshiki Masuda), the zombie Kū (voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga), the ghoul Kirumi (voiced by Hiro Shimono), the wraith Ness (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa), and the necromancer Aaron (voiced by Yuuki Ono).

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