Beef Production 'Manga' Shows How Cattle Become Meat

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Japan's love of meat is no secret to people who spend any significant amount of time in the country. Those who do not eat animal products often struggle to find options at restaurants. Whether or not they eat meat, most people wonder at some point about how it is produced. The process may be less known in Japan because there is little farmland suitable for raising cattle.

Twitter user Syosa posted images on Wednesday that explain the process of beef production. The art in the images looks like it could come from an 8-bit game, and online sources are describing the work as "manga." The images are creating a buzz on Twitter.

Raising cattle:

Transporting to processing plant and starting meat processing:

Skinning carcasses and dividing cuts of meat:

Selling meat for consumption:

People less interested in the grisly details of dispatching large animals for human consumption but still interested in meat products available in Japan may want to check out Kadokawa's canned meat anthology. The Niku no Kanzume (Meat Canned Goods) manga book debuted in Japan in December.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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