Manga Anthology Showcases the World of Canned Meat

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Japan loves meat, and that shows in its popular culture. Most manga fans are familiar with illustrations of "manga meat" that show a big round hunk of muscle on a thick bone. Japan's love of meat products has manifested in Kadokawa's Niku no Kanzume (Meat Canned Goods) manga anthology.

The culinary manga report is packed with images of common canned meat products in Japan, including corned beef, rafute (Okinawa-style pork ribs), and thick-sliced bacon with honey mustard. However, the book also introduces unfamiliar high-class canned meats. Manga artists Uhei Aoki, Sharoh Hanten, Dark, Takuya Tashiro, Yamo Yomoya, Meshiko Amaguri, Endo, Akehisa Yatsuki, Harapeko Hana-san, Mamu Okuhara, Nagumo., Shinji Tokoro, and Tomohiko Tanida contributed to the anthology.

While vegetarians (including this writer) will probably stay away from the book, carnivores can chow down on this meaty manga now. The book shipped in Japan on Saturday.

If the book is not enough to satisfy cravings, otaku might also whet their appetites with anime videos. Japan's National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations' got a new animated short on February 10. The character already starred in two series of animated advertisements in 2014.

Anime and game franchises often offer meat-based foods to hungry fans. Dynasty Warriors, Hatsune Miku, Dragon Quest, Hello Kitty, Madoka Magica, Amagami SS+, and Gintama have all inspired meat buns. Japan's Silky Pork company sold an entire line of bishonen meat products and released a related manga in 2014.

Source: Comic Natalie

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