Dansui! Play Pulls Off Watery Scenes on Dry Stage

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The stage play of Tatsuya Kiuchi's Dansui! swimming manga debuted in Tokyo on May 11. Of course, much of the drama is set in the water, but most theater stages are not very conducive to installing swimming pools. To cope with this challenge, the play's staff and actors had to get creative.

The actors move with techniques that recreate swimming strokes. Projection mapping, special lighting, and other techniques provide a watery backdrop. Playing music such as the live-action television series' ending theme song "Growing up! Go on!" adds to the atmosphere.

The play is running at Tokyo's Theatre 1010 until May 21. The play will also run in Osaka's Morinomiya Piloti Hall from May 25 to May 28. The stage play will hold a live viewing event for the special final performance and closing events on May 28. Fans will be able to view the screening in select theaters throughout Japan, and an exclusive video with unreleased training and set footage will screen before the play.

The manga also inspired a television series adaptation that aired from January to March. Both adaptations star:

  • Top row (from left to right): Ryō Matsuda as Shuhei Sakaki, Shūto Miyazaki as Daiki Shinoduka, Shintarō Anzai as Leo Fujikawa
  • Middle row: Tomoru Akazawa as Haruyoshi Koganei, Hisanori Satō as Yuta Taki, Ren Ozawa as Mitsuki Taira
  • Bottom row: Mario Kuroba as Homare Nishina, Ryōsuke Ikeoka as Ichitora Jingu, Tomoki Hirose as Ryoya Kawasaki

The cast also includes:

  • Keisuke Kaminaga as Daniel Harada
  • Kyōhei Saitō as Masaki Ichimura
  • Yūdai Nasuda as Eisuke Murakami
  • Hisanao Tsukayama as Ichirō Takaura
  • Keisuke Sakurai as Jirō Takaura
  • Kaisei Kamimura as Shintarō Mori
  • Ryūichi Ōura as Shinichirō Hanyū
  • Moro Morooka as Kunio Isomura

The original manga's story begins when a school's swim team is on the verge of being disbanded. The team only has three members: Shūhei, the team captain who looks after the others; Daiki, who is silent, taciturn, and has a great body; and Harumi, a handsome, effeminate man. The three second-year students are looking for more members to last the school year, and the members that end up joining include a complete beginner and someone who can barely swim.

Kiuchi launched the manga on Hakusensha's "Hana LaLa online" website in July 2012, and Hakusensha published the seventh compiled book volume in print on April 20.

Source: Comic Natalie

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