Shinji Gets in the Damn Boat with Eva Fish Grip

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Where did you draw the line at ridiculous Evangelion merchandise? Was it the Tomato juice commercials? The Schick campaign where Gendo shed his beard? A NERV bucket? Hideaki Anno's crowning franchise has something for everyone even if that something has nothing to do giant robots. Case in point, the anime is starting its first collaboration with fishing gear.

Next month a Unit-01 color-coded DRESS GRASPER, a type of movable fish grip used on a fishing rod, will be released. DRESS stands for Develop Rig for Extra Stage Supply and its GRASPER model is a claw-like rod add-on that can grab a fisherman's catch. The claw part is meant to grab a fish by the lip after it's reeled in for a cleaner "landing" on the boat. This model is compatible with larger, off-shore catches.

The Unit-01 edition costs 32,400 yen (US$290).

As an aside, maybe if Gendo had just taken Shinji fishing a few times, that whole Impact mess could have been avoided.

Source: Comic Natalie

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