Voices of Eren, Conny Try Video App's Attack on Titan Stamps

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Attack on Titan voice actors Yuuki Kaji (Eren Jaeger) and Hiro Shimono (Conny Springer) recently had some fun testing out video communication app SNOW's new stamps. The pair demonstrated the Attack on Titan stamps during a Line Live special program on Wednedsay, and the anime's official Twitter account posted some videos of their experiments.

Shimono: When I open my mouth, I, ah, ahhh...
Kaji: Uh, This, It's not really... Is this face Shimono?

In the app, the wall Titan can appear when users open their mouths.

Kaji: Hey! It's big brother Eren!
Shimono: Hey! It's little brother Eren!

Kaji: It's Abnormal Kaji!
Shimono: It's Abnormal Shimono! What's up?
Kaji: This is an information session.
Shimono: We messed up...

In addition to demonstrating the already released stamps above, Kaji and Shimono tried stamps that are debuting on Friday. Shimono became the Beast Titan.

Shimono: Pasta or soba, which do you like?
Kaji: Karaage!
Shimono: Not that!
Kaji: Karaage!

Shimono also became Armin as a Titan tried to eat him.

Shimono: Ah! But I said soba was okay....
Kaji: It's karaage. Karaage.
Shimono: Karaage's okay, too....

Despite some technical difficulties, it looks like the voice actors had a lot of fun. Will you download the app and stamps to try it out? Do you wish this was available for Snapchat? Tell us what you think in the forum!

A total of 140 million people in the world use the SNOW app. The app offers various stamps to transform photographed faces and includes filters and text options. The app partnered with Yū Yū Hakusho and Monster Strike last November.

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