Takara Tomy is Not OK With Twitter's Profile Pic Change

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The person in charge Japanese toy company Takara Tomy's Twitter account woke up to a harsh reality after the service launched an update on Thursday. One part of the update was the change in Twitter users' profile picture shape from square to round. Here is the reaction to the update that Takara Tomy's account posted on Twitter:

The tweet's text reads (with a few extra, emphatic characters omitted), "Wha, what is thiiiiiiiisss!!! There's some kind of round thingggg!!!"

A disgruntled Takara Tomy employee tweeted a follow-up explanation on the company's account:

Apparently, the unfortunate but dedicated worker spent the previous night taking pains with an icon maker to craft a new square profile picture for the Takara Tomy account. They are not taking the change well, and described the update as "cruel" and "heartless."

The employee hurried to try and make a round image to use on Twitter, but the results were left something to be desired. The employee remarked that the "T" image no longer looked like the letter it was supposed to be.

The Takara Tomy employee eventually decided to use a cropped version of a square image that has the text "I love followers." The worker went to sleep on Friday night with the hope that Twitter profile pics might miraculously become square again by the next morning.

Sweet dreams, toy company social media rep. May your night be full of tabletops, floor tiles, and all things four-sided.

[Via Yaraon!]

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