History's Fine Artists Get a Ikemen Makeover in Upcoming Mobile Game

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Things-as-girls appears to slowly be giving away to things-as-boys, albeit in no small part because of Touken Ranbu's huge popularity in Japan. Some of these "things" aren't things at all, just reimaginings of historical figures as attractive young adults, whether they're Sengoku-era generals, dictators, or the most prominent names in the fine art world.

The latter is the premise of Silicon Studio's mobile game Palette Parade, which so far stars four attractive artists but will likely introduce more before the game debuts next summer. Vincent Van Gogh, Gustave Courbet, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir are all reimagined as attractive, young painters while also ditching some of their inspiration's more notable personality problems.

For instance, Van Gogh is a painter aiming to "make everyone smile with my sunflowers" and, you know, isn't prone to self-destruction and cutting off his own ears.

Courbet is a considered cool and down-to-earth, and only paints things he's actually seen which puts him at odds with dreamer Van Gogh. Palette Parade slimmed Courbet down and ditched his dark hair and prominent beard.

da Vinci is described as a boy that loves everyone, with a calm demeanor that hides his artistic prowess in all areas. His passion for stargazing and inventing are also listed. Players will have to find out if he sleeps more than three hours at a time. His profile also mentions Michelangelo, but that character's design hasn't been revealed yet.

Renoir is fun-loving and friends with Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, and Frédéric Bazille. His conversations can be hard to follow.

The characters will be voiced, but the official website has not announced the cast yet.

The game's story takes place in an unnamed town where the "Palette Art Museum" has recently opened. The player visits the museum to apply for a recent job opening. However, the museum has no visitors, just painters with striking personalities. The player is hired to be the museum's assistant director and must organize a "Palette Parade" to garner recognition for the museum.

Source: Dengeki Online

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