Ai Mai Mi Manga Creator Draws YouTuber in Gag Strip

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Manga creator Choboraunyopomi might be too busy playing Splatoon 2 to finish their Piko Piko Game Onsen manuscript, but they still had time to share a four-panel manga starring the characters of Magic Knight Rayearth and Japanese YouTube personality Hikaru on Wednesday. The comic opens with Hikaru, notable for his dual-colored hair, announcing that he's going to buy scratch lottery tickets with some cash. An off-panel person interjects by saying his name.

The person is revealed to be Fū from Magic Knight Rayearth, she's soon followed by Umi. The characters say one another's names.

Hikaru then puts his arms around Fū and Umi and says that winning at the lottery is "Only like defeating Zagato!" He asks Maessan if he agrees and the character responds "So true."

Maessan in this case in Maesu of Maesu Gaming, another YouTube personality. The joke here is that YouTuber Hikaru is filling in for the third Magic Knight character, the red-haired Hikaru.

Japanese YouTube personality Hikaru became popular by streaming videos of him buying lots of scratch lottery tickets and showing the results. He recently held giveaways of PlayStation 4 consoles in conjunction with other streamers who gave away Amazon gift cards, MacBook Pros, and Switch consoles.

[Via Otakomu]

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