One Piece Gets New Year's Food Box to Ring in 2018

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One Piece is a pop culture juggernaut in Japan, and there seems to be no limit to the merchandise and products the franchise inspires. This year, Ichifuji Catering is offering a special One Piece osechi set for the New Year's 2018 holiday. Osechi are traditional Japanese foods served on New Year's Eve, and many of the included foods have special meanings or are thought to bring luck for the new year.

The One Piece osechi has two layers with 31 total food items, and it is intended to feed two people. Ichifuji Catering chose foods for the box that are traditional but also appeal to children. The top layer features seafoods that pirates like the Straw Hat crew can enjoy. The offerings include traditional auspicious items such as shrimp and herring roe, as well as rolled omelette with fish paste, mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts, black soy beans, and other foods. The layer comes with Chopper and green One Piece logo picks.

The second layer features a variety of meats, Luffy's favorite food. Items include chicken leg with tomato and basil, stewed pork, quiche, and terrine. The layer comes with Luffy and red One Piece logo picks.

In addition to a special jūbako box, the set bundles a deluxe ceramic plate, two sets of branded chopsticks, and a furoshiki wrapping cloth.

The One Piece osechi costs 16,200 yen (about US$150), and Ichifuji Catering began accepting orders on September 4. The sets will be available for purchase until they sell out. The osechi will be delivered on December 31.

Other anime and manga have inspired themed osechi in the past. For example, a Poké Ball New Year's food box was available in Japan in 2014.

Stores such as the chain of Jump Stores in Japan also sell fukubukuro (lucky bags) for franchises such as One Piece right after the new year.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Kōtarō Nakase)

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