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Solve Mysteries with Detective Conan at Universal Studios Japan

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Also: ride through the worlds of Final Fantasy

Universal Studios Japan revealed more details on its upcoming Universal Cool Japan 2018 series of attractions, including "Detective Conan World." Starting on January 19, theme park visitors can participate in Detective Conan themed Real Escape Game and eat Detective Conan themed food.

The Real Escape Game is a new attraction with a new story that is different from last year's Detective Conan Real Escape Game. This year, participants, along with Conan and his colleagues, will disarm bombs set by mysterious criminals and unravel the mystery of the crime.

The Detective Conan/Mystery Restaurant will offer both food and a story. Patrons can enjoy a restaurant hosted by Ran's best friend Sonoko Suzuki's Jirokichi Suzuki where an unexpected incident occurs after being invited to a party.

Tickets go on sale next month and the attractions will remain open until June 24, 2018. The first wave of the event will feature Final Fantasy, Detective Conan, and Monster Hunter. The second wave, which will begin in spring, will feature Sailor Moon.

The Final Fantasy attraction will be an XR ride celebrating the franchise's 30th anniversary. Artist Yoshitaka Amano drew a new logo specifically for the ride while other promotional images feature Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX), Warrior of Light (Dissidia Final Fantasy), Lightning (Final Fantasy XII) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), Squall (Final Fantasy VIII), Terra (Final Fantasy VI), and Tidus (Final Fantasy X). The ride will run through multiple worlds from the game series and encounter popular villains from the series like Sephiroth and Cactuars. Unique goods will also be on sale.

Monster Hunter the Real will be a walkthrough attraction where participants will become accomplished monster hunters. The immersive experience will have both new and popular monsters to face.

Source: Comic Natalie via Nijimen

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