Glass Mask Pairs With Cocoa for Two Silly Commercials

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Glass Mask, Suzue Miuchi's long-running shōjo manga about an up-and-coming theatre star, is no stranger to having a laugh at its own account. The series has already been reimagined as a flash-animated series and film twice over. This cast's silly antics continued in commercials for cellphone screen protectors. Two new ads, this time for Van Houten hot cocoa, are taking the drama from the original manga and reworking it to promote the winter drink.

In the first video, Maya and Ayumi's mentor Tsukikage tells them they will compete in the "Van Houten Starring Actress Award" contest. The aspiring actresses use their unique talents and skills to try to gain the advantage over each other. Tsukikage praises the hot chocolate Maya makes.

In the "Always Deliciously Relax" video, Maya is a girl who loves acting, and she tries to develop her talents. When she finds herself in a lot of trouble, Van Houten helps her relax in various situations. Other characters also appear to enjoy the hot chocolate with her.

Miuchi launched the manga in 1975, and it inspired a 1984 television anime series and a 2005-2006 anime remake, as well two live-action television series. There is also a three-part video series that started in 1998. Miuchi acknowledged in 2009 that she would end the manga "soon," and stated in 2014 that the manga is moving closer to the ending. The the 49th compiled volume of the manga was released in 2012, and the 50th volume was delayed indefinitely in 2013.

Source: Comic Natalie

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