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Inuyashiki's Trump Cameo Sure Isn't Flattering

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Even the end of the world can't change the U.S. President

The anime and manga industry continues to have a laugh at President Trump, although the latest example is more harrowing than humorous. In the 11th episode of Inuyashiki Last Hero, the cast discovers that a giant asteroid is barreling towards the Earth, heralding the inevitable destruction of mankind. While humanity despairs, President Trump makes a formal address with the news. Let's just say the anime doesn't do the man any favors in the sensitivity department.

Oh wow, maybe he's going to sign off with some humility and endearment, given the severity of the situation?

Ah, nope.

The manga industry has hardly been shy about expressing its opinion of President Trump. The children's manga magazine CoroCoro Comic, the home of Doraemon, has an ongoing series titled Yo! Daitōryō Torappu-kun. The manga's entire premise is recasting the U.S. President as a rich elementary school student that raps and engages in a lot of gross-out humor. The manga even has its own web episodes, but they aren't safe for work.

President Trump previously appeared in a chapter of Baki The Grappler last year, although creator Keisuke Itagaki has featured other politicians, including former President Barack Obama. That manga also didn't portray Trump in a positive light. Trigger's Inferno Cop also mocked the President's policies, personality, and hair in an episode shown at Anime Expo in July.

Inuyashiki Last Hero is streaming on Amazon Prime's Anime Strike service. You can read Theron Martin's episode reviews here.

[Screen caps via @Jet0o]

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