Garden of Sinners' Fujino Follows Yūichi Nakamura Into Fate/Grand Order

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Voice actor Yūichi Nakamura is a known Fate/Grand Order player who also happens to voice the Archer-class Servant David in the game. The Garden of Sinners character Fujino Asagami recently debuted in the game, and Nakamura tweeted his reaction.

Nakamura seems a bit worried that Fujino has arrived in the game. The tweet says, "Am I screwed?" In the third installment of The Garden of Sinners, Nakamura plays the minor character Kōhei, a member of a street gang. Kōhei's gang brutally attacks and sexually assaults Fujino. She gets her revenge on the gang members, including Kōhei, by using her ability to twist human bodies into screws.

The post is creating a buzz online, but it's not completely clear how much fans should read into the tweet. In addition to "to twist" or "to screw," the word Nakamura uses can also mean "to make a pun" or "to torture." Nakamura may have made a grim joke in the tweet. Whatever the case, fans are amused that a character from another franchise seems to be chasing Nakamura, and he seems worried that Fujino is out for more retribution.

Aniplex released the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game in Japan in summer 2015. The game received an English release in the United States and Canada last June, and the English version reached 1 million downloads in September.

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