We Never Learn Manga's Lead Heroines Ranked in Jump Polls

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Taishi Tsutsui's We Never Learn romantic comedy stars brainiac Yuiga as he attempts to tutor the beautiful Ogata and Furuhashi in the hopes of earning a scholarship. This puts him in proximity to not just two, but several cute girls and you know what that means: time to pick your favorite. This year's 23rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump published the results of the series' popularity poll on May 2 and Viz Media's English edition of the magazine also revealed the results on Monday.

In first place is Mafuyu Kurisu, the student counselor at Yuiga's school and a former tutor for Ogata and Furuhashi. As a school staff member, Kurisu is a messy, clumsy adult. Seeing neither of the central love interests in first place is definitely unexpected.

In second place is Fumino Furuhashi, one of Yuiga's tutored students and a genius when it comes to writing and other liberal arts areas. She's horrible at math but wants to major in science anyway.

In third place is Uruka Takemoto, another student in need of studying tips. Takemoto is an athletic star but has no motivation when it comes to academics.

The top three had a change up with Viz asked its English readers to weigh in on their favorites. Fumino Furuhashi took first place, followed by Mafuyu Kurisu in second place, and Asumi Kominami in third place.

The full results from Japan are:

  1. Mafuyu Kurisu
  2. Fumino Furuhashi
  3. Uruka Takemoto
  4. Rizu Ogata
  5. Asumi Kominami
  6. Mizuki Yuiga
  7. Nariyuki Yuiga
  8. Sawako Sekijo
  9. Miharu Kurisu
  10. Chinami Umehara
  11. Inomori
  12. Kashima
  13. Chono
  14. Tsutsui-sensei
  15. Fumino Yuiga
  16. Kawase
  17. Kobayashi
  18. Rizu's Dad
  19. Asumi's Dad
  20. Omori

The full results from English-language readers are:

  1. Fumino Furuhashi
  2. Mafuyu Kurisu
  3. Asumi Kominami
  4. Uruka Takemoto
  5. Rizu Ogata
  6. Nariyuki Yuiga
  7. Miharu Kurisu
  8. Sawako Sekijo
  9. Nariyuki's siblings
  10. Rizu's Dad
  11. Chicken-Egg Head
  12. Dolphin
  13. Tsuitsui-sensei
  14. Y-san
  15. Single Udon Noodle

Tsutsui launched the manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in February. Viz Media previewed the first three chapters of the manga for free as part of its "Jump Start" initiative, and added the manga as a regular series for its digital English edition of Weekly Shonen Jump on April 14.

Tsutsui is drawing the Nisekoi spinoff manga Magical Pâtissier Kosaki-chan, and also wrote the Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Sweets Honey spinoff manga.

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