Gegege no Kitaro Anime's Mook Features Character Design Evolutions, Interviews, Original Designs by Shigeru Mizuki

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San-ei Shobo Publishing released a special edition "mook" (magazine book) on Friday for the anime based on Shigeru Mizuki's Gegege no Kitarō manga. The Gegege no Kitarō Daikaibō (Large Analysis) mook celebrates the 50th anniversary of the anime adaptations.

The mook features a gallery of the evolution of the character designs of characters such as a Kitaro, Medama-Oyaji, Nezumi-Otoko, and others from the anime's first through sixth iterations. In addition, it includes a gallery of scenes from the sixth and latest anime adaptation featuring Neko-Musume, as well as original drawings of yōkai from Mizuki.

The mook also includes an interview with voice actress Masako Nozawa (Dragon Ball franchise's Goku), who not only voiced Kitaro in the first and second anime, but is now voicing Medam-Oyaji in the sixth anime. Also included is an interview with Shigetaka Kiyoyama, who has worked as an animator on all of the anime iterations except the fourth. Lastly, the mook features an interview withKitaro fan and actress/singer Shoko Nakagawa.

The sixth anime adaptation premiered in April, and is also celebrating the anime's 50th anniversary. The series is streaming on Crunchyroll, and is slated to have 50+ episodes.

The manga, which began in 1959 under the name Hakaba Kitarō, has also spawned several animated movies and two live-action films. The stories center on an inhuman boy who straddles the line between the human and supernatural worlds. Drawn & Quarterly publishes the collected manga in English.

Mizuki passed away in November 2015 at 93 years old.

Sources: Comic Natalie, San-ei Shobo Publishing

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