Brave Fencer Musashi Game Series Celebrates 20 Years with Special Video

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins

Today marks 20 years since Square's (now Square Enix) Brave Fencer Musashi game debuted on the PlayStation console in Japan. To celebrate, Square Enix released a 20th anniversary video. The video features original artwork and music from composer Tsuyoshi Sekito (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children).

Tetsuya Nomura of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fame drew the main character designs for the game. The end of the video credits the illustrations to Boogiepop light novel illustrator and character designer Kouji Ogata.

The original action role-playing game centers on Musashi, a young swordsman summoned to another world to defend the Allucanet Kingdom from the Thirstquencher Empire. The game featured voice acting and a day-night cycle.

The game received a sequel titled Musashi: Samurai Legend that launched in Japan and the West in 2005 on the PlayStation 2.

A three-volume manga adaptation of the first game by Kenichi Ōnuki ran in Monthly Famitsu Bros. magazine starting in 1998.

Sadly it doesn't look like Square is teasing any developments in the franchise with the new video, but the video certainly does a good job at taking fans down memory lane.

Source: Square Enix YouTube channel via My Game News Flash

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