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Readers Pick the Best Boys-Love Manga for Beginners

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Anime website Nijimen held a questionnaire to discover what boys-love manga are best for beginners. Readers were asked to comment with the choices and site administrators then tallied the comments and "likes" on each comment to rank the recommendations.

According to Nijimen readers, the boys-love manga best suited to new readers are:

  1. The World's Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu Onodera by Shungiku Nakamura (available from SuBLime)
  2. Classmates by Asumiko Nakamura (available soon from Seven Seas Entertainment)
  3. I Hear the Sunspot by Yuki Fumino (available from One Peace Books)
  4. Hitorijime My Hero by Memeco Arii (available soon from Kodansha Comics)
  5. Seven Days: Monday-Thursday by Venio Tachibana and Rihito Takara (available from Digital Manga Publishing)
  6. Does The Flower Blossom? by Shoko Hidaka (available from Digital Manga Publishing)
  7. Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa (unlicensed)
  8. Ten Count by Rihito Takarai (available from SuBLime)
  9. Blue Morning by Shoko Hidaka (available from SuBLime)
  10. Hana no Miyako de by Rihito Takarai (unlicensed)

The World's Greatest First Love (Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi), Classmates, and Hitorijime My Hero all have anime adaptations in various formats and an anime adaptation of Ten Count was announced for future release, although the format is unknown.

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