Cleveland Browns' Tight Ends Bring DBZ Fusion Dance to the End Zone

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Cleveland Browns tight ends Darren Fells and David Njoku brought their Super Saiyan game against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Fells, catching a throw from quarterback Baker Mayfield, takes it to the end zone for a touchdown. He celebrates with teammate Njoku by recreating the Dragon Ball Z fusion dance. Looks like we've got at least two more fans out in the professional athletic arena.

The Dragon Ball franchise seems to be a favorite among professional athletes. Green Bay Packer's defensive end Mike Daniels was recently the subject of a Crunchyroll documentary, He Was Anime - The Mike Daniels Story, where his love of Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter were put in full view. He also appeared in his own stylized mural in full Saiyan armor (scouter included) across the street from Lambeau Field last year.

2017–18 All-Star and Philadelphia 76ers' center Joel Embiid was spotted prepping for a game by watching some Dragon Ball GT on his iPhone X while receiving a pre-game shoulder massage. The Dallas Mavericks' Wesley Matthews starred in a parody of the Dragon Ball Z opening and the wrestling trio The New Day entered the ring in 2016 dressed as Super Saiyans for WWE's Wrestlemania 32. MMA fighter, Olympian, actress, and author Ronda Rousey showed up to Wrestlemania in 2015 while rocking a Dragon Ball Z "It's Over 9000!!" shirt and admitted to a cartoon crush on Vegeta.

Source: NFL's Twitter account

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