Attack on Titan Voice Actor Yuuki Kaji Will Give You Beauty Advice via Smart Mirror

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Ever wished your mirror could actually tell you how you look and what to do to look better? How about taking it one step further - do you want to look in the mirror and have Yuuki Kaji give you beauty advice? This will become reality as soon as next year, when the Smart Mirror “novera” hits the market.

A Smart Mirror resembles a regular mirror but is equipped with an electronic display, a voice controlled interface, and other technological features. The novera Smart Mirror will be equipped with sensors that can perceive the state of your skin. Based on how it reads your skin, it can offer roughly 100 choices of makeup, prescribed by professional makeup artists.

Voice actor Yuuki Kaji is the first name revealed to be involved in the novera Smart Mirror project. He plays a fastidious and standoffish spacial designer named Yuki Takano. novera Inc. has unveiled a key visual for the character:

Kaji shared his thoughts on the character in an interview posted on novera's YouTube channel: “When I first heard about the offer, I thought, 'So we're finally in the age where mirrors can talk to you.' Talking mirrors sound like a thing from old-time fairy tales, but the talking mirror of today can fulfill its role as a regular mirror while also responding to our words and expressions. I think that's wonderful.

“My character is a bit of a tsundere and kind of secretive. It's a bit like a game in that sense. I hope that people will be able to enjoy talking to their mirror every day.”

To celebrate 1,000 retweets on their Twitter campaign, novera inc. posted a short voice sample of Kaji's voice as Yuki Takano.

Kaji is best known for his roles as Eren in Attack on Titan, Meliodas in The Seven Deadly Sins, and Todoroki in My Hero Academia. He won the Best Rookie Actor Award in the 3rd Seiyu Awards in 2009 and won the Best Voice Actor Award two years consecutively in the 7th and 8th Seiyu Awards in 2013 and 2014.

The novera Smart Mirror will go on sale in 2019. Pre-orders for the Smart Mirror will be available “soon.” novera inc. will announce more of the participating voice actors in the lead up to the Smart Mirror's release.

Source: Nijimen, novera inc. YouTube channel

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