License-less Voice Actress Ayana Taketatsu Named as 'Driving Instructor'

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Voice actress Ayana Taketatsu, who is well known for her roles as Kirino from Oreimo, Azusa from K-ON!, and Leafa from Sword Art Online, has been dubbed the "driving instructor" in a promotional campaign by the LAWSON's convenience store. Ironically, however, she does not have a driver's license herself.

Taketatsu revealed this fact in an interview posted on the Lawson's driving school website. When asked if she had a license, she responded, "I want one! But I've never had the opportunity to actually get one..."

According to Taketatsu, she's just never had the time to go through driving school. Also, her family is worried about her driving. "My brother would tell me, 'An idiot like you can't drive!' and 'It's scary! Stop!'" Taketatsu admitted with a laugh.

At the end of the interview, Taketatsu mentioned that she would still like to get a license, and hopes that her current experience as an instructor will act as the trigger for her to learn how to drive for real.

Regardless of her credentials, Taketatsu appears to be well up to the task of being an instructor for the cameras. Lawson's has been posting videos of Taketatsu in a suit giving pep talks to aspiring license holders. However, Taketatsu can't help but break character and obsess over eating meat.

Lawson's regularly releases catalogs and information about driving license "camps" that many people in Japan attend before taking their driver's test. According to their website, 111 driving schools are associated with Lawson's.

Source: Lawson's driving school website

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