Sandshrew Shifts in the Sandy Dunes of Tottori as the Region's Mascot

posted on by Victor Chaves
Governor Shinji Hirai in an official statement: “Sandshrew, please come again.”

For the second year, the Pokèmon Sandshrew has been named as the Tottori Prefecture mascot. To celebrate, until January 14, 2019, the “Sandshrew, Come!” Festival will be taking place in the Japanese prefecture with several special products and activities to do.

The reason Sandshrew was chosen as opposed to other Pokèmon in the series is because Tottori prefecture is famous for being the only desert region in the main islands of Japan. Images of dunes that clash with the typical concept of Japan's mountainous topography are a unique visual treat for locals and tourists.

Visitors can check out over 35 participating locations in the prefecture, purchase local goods, or partake in activities as part of a stamp rally. If you have two stamps, you can earn a Sandshrew themed three-letter and envelope set, and filling out the five-space stamp card nets you a Sandshrew desk figure made of sand!

In addition to the promotional stamps, the Pokèmon GO mobile game will be utilized as well for the Haiku Photo Contest, where participants can take pictures of Sandshrew in AR mode, addia haiku over the image, and finally post the completed image on Twitter or Instagram with #sandoidetottori. The player will then be entered to win the Sandshrew figure or the three-letter and envelope set.

Furthermore, if Pokèmon GO players go to the Tottori Sand Dunes by January 14, the players will see the Alolan Sandshrew appearing more often. This would be a great chance to fill out those Pokèdexs. The area offered a similar incentive for players in November 2017 and drew over 89,000 people over the course of three days for a special event in the game. Knowing Pokèmon Go has a stalwart userbase, expect similar numbers for this event as well.

Source: Totori's Sandshrew event page via Otakomu

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