Squash Bugs to Protect Sakura in Fate/Stay Night Browser Game

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Fate/stay night has a bug infestation problem. Evidently, the characters are not well-equipped to deal with the issue themselves, because it's up to your quick fingers to exterminate the bugs.

The Fate/stay night anime website launched a free-to-play mobile/browser game on Monday to promote the upcoming Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly, the second film of ufotable's anime adaptation of Fate/stay night's "Heaven's Feel" storyline. Called "Bug Buster," the game requires you to either click or tap the screen to exterminate the waves of bugs. If you let five creepy crawlies slip past you, the game ends.

Although the game can be enjoyed as a simple time waster, earning high scores can earn you prizes. If you exterminate over 50 bugs and click one of the share buttons, you'll get a downloadable wallpaper with a different image every day. From January 7 to 13, three random players out of the top 30 scorers will get a press sheet for the second Heaven's Feel movie. The top three ranked players overall will get a monument of the bugs they slayed. (You need to be following the @Fate_SN_Anime Twitter account to be eligible for prizes; winners will be contacted via Direct Message.)

The "Bug Buster" game is part of a series of silly promotional games for the Fate/stay night films. In November last year, Fate/stay night collaborated with the Japan Racing Association to release an 8-bit side scrolling game and puzzle game.

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly will open in Japanese theaters on January 12, 2019 and in American theaters later in the year.

Source: Fate/stay night anime official website via Crunchyroll News (Kara Dennison)

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