NBC Universal Entertainment Japan Opens Anime Cafe in Akihabara

posted on by Kim Morrissy

NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan opened an anime-themed cafe in Akihabara on February 8. It is located on the second floor of the Pasela Resorts Akiba Multi Entertainment building.

The cafe opened with a collaboration menu featuring items from three NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan properties: A Certain Magical Index, Yuyushiki, and Is the order a rabbit?. The menu includes an Imagine Breaker-themed drink from A Certain Magical Index with a hand inside it, as well as hot chocolate and spaghetti from Is the order a rabbit? and curry pizza from Yuyushiki.

The store will announce the collaboration merchandise items at a later date. The cafe also plans to celebrate the birthdays of characters from NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan properties with limited-time special menus. In order to eat at the cafe, you must make reservations in advance.

Source: NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan anime cafe website, Comic Natalie

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