Hypnosis Mic Collaboration Cafe Issues Apology For Tampering with Goods

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Rap battle voice actor project Hypnosis Mic has been holding a collaboration with the Tanita Cafe since January 31. The collaboration involved the cafe selling Hypnosis Mic-themed food menu items, as well as original goods.

On February 14, the cafe's Nagaoka branch issued an apology for tampering with the goods sales. After conducting an investigation, it was discovered that staff members were procuring badges for themselves through illegal means.

As part of the collaboration, the Tanita Cafe sells 16 badges showing the characters of Hypnosis Mic. The type of badge is distributed randomly, and customers cannot choose which character to obtain. Four badges out of the selection are considered "secret" badges, and have a lower rate of appearance. A staff member at the Fukuoka branch of the Tanita Cafe used their position as shopkeepers to ascertain the secret badges and purchase them for themselves. As a result, the probability of obtaining a secret badge as a customer during the period of February 1 to 8 was tampered with.

"We deeply apologize for our lack of diligence as management, which has allowed foul play to happen," the Tanita Cafe wrote in its statement.

The statement also noted that the offending salesperson has already been removed from the staff. Although the staff member denied any foul play, the cafe determined that the number of secret badges in their possession far exceeded the probability. The cafe has filed a criminal complaint against the staff member and is seeking damages. In addition, the cafe is investigating whether other staff members were involved in the crime.

The cafe is also implementing measures to prevent a similar incident from happening again. All of the sales staff has been changed, and starting from February 9, every badge will be wrapped in a clear case to prevent any possible tampering by the staff. In addition, anyone who purchased a badge before February 8 will be able to do a redraw or request a refund.

Source: Tanita Cafe, Hypnosis Mic collaboration cafe website

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