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Pokémon-Hunting Grandpa Mega-Evolves with 22 Smartphones

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The "Pokémon Hunting Grandpa" Chén Sānyuán captured Pokémon and hearts last year with his ingenious multi-phone bike display. Over the course of his quest to be the very best in Pokémon GO he added more and more smartphones until he was biking around with 15 phones strapped to his handlebars.

But that wasn't even his final form. Sānyuán's display "evolved" further and he now boasts 22 smartphones. His popularity caught the eye of of tech giant ASUS and the company hired Sānyuán as a brand ambassador last month, specifically for the Taiwanese manufacturer's ZenFone Max Pro. The Pokémon Grandpa owns 29 smartphones but currently only has 22 out at a time. His set-up's maintenance bill is said to be about 35,000 yen (US$314) per month.

All of his trainer characters are said to be level 30. Sānyuán can be spotted out and about on his bike near his home in New Taipei City catching as many Pokémon as he can.

While Sānyuán has gained celebrity for his dedication to Pokémon GO, he's technically breaking Niantic's Terms of Service. Niantic's TOS forbids playing with multiple accounts for the same service.

Source: Automaton (Minoru Umise), Apple Daily (梁鴻彬) via Siliconera (Sato)
Photo: ASUS via Yahoo! News

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