Take a Bath in Official Evangelion LCL

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Nothing gets you quite as refreshed and relaxed as returning to the mother's womb. That's at least what it looks like the Evangelion Store staff thought when they opened preorders for LCL bath salt. The red-orange fluid is used to flood Eva pilots' cockpits in order to get in sync with the giant mechas. It's also known to smell like blood.

The bath salt version is skipping the metallic scent of blood and instead replacing it with peach. A 12-pack retails for 4,536 yen and will ship in mid-June.

A slightly less unsettling alternative is also up for pre-order at the Evangelion Store. The floral green NERV bath salt gives the water a milky green color. The packing shows NERV HQ with crashing waves from the lake at its border.

A 12-pack of NERV bath salts retails for the same price as the LCL version and will ship in mid-June.

[Via Minna no Eva-Fan]

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