Precure Voice Actor Youko Honna Congratulates Two Mega Fans on Their Engagement

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Two Precure mega fans announced their engagement on Twitter on April 20. Twitter user Yui Asai (@yui_a) wrote that is now engaged to Q&B (@qandb507). They met through their shared Precure fandom, and their engagement present is the series' 15th anniversary watch.

"I want to build a family with him that is strong and never stops smiling, just like the Precures," she wrote.

Q&B wrote: "There's no one who understands me better than Yui Asai, so I believe that we can create a happy family together."

The two lovebirds were congratulated across the Internet. They were shocked to find out that even one of the Precure voice actors had offered her own personal congratulations. Youko Honna, who voiced Cure Black from the original Futari no Pretty Cure series, tweeted: "Congratulations on your engagement! I'm impressed that your engagement present is the 15th anniversary watch."

A delighted Asai responded: "It's an honor to receive a comment from you, Honna-san...! Thank you so much! We want to be a couple that can face any obstacle with a positive attitude, just like Nagisa and Honoka."

Here's to Asai and Q&B's happy engagement and a wonderful married life together.

[via Otakomu]

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