Venice Film Fest Shows Ghost in the Shell Ghost Chaser VR Work

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Production I.G's ride-like VR attraction Ghost in the Shell Ghost Chaser received an official invitation to participate in competition in the VR category at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. The invitation is the first for any Japanese VR work, and it marks the first premiere screening of such a work at the festival.

The festival will run in Venice from August 28 to September 7. The VR competition was established at the festival in 2017, and it includes award for the best overall VR work, best interactive work, and best linear work. Some VR works also appear at the festival out of competition.

The attraction debuted at the "hexaRide" attraction area of the renewed Diver City Tokyo Plaza in November 2018. The ride attraction allows up to 12 people to ride at the same time using Q-Ride equipment with six-directional movement, and VR headsets.

hexaRide describes the story:

This story is set in the Kuzan Republic. The defense minister, who will take part in a meeting of the Next-generation Weapon Coordination Council, has ordered an advance onsite inspection.
Ride participants are tasked with providing escort while securing an inspection route in Public Security Section 9, where Motoko Kusanagi serves as leader.
Riders will use the hexaRide vehicle to enter cyberspace and, serving as a Public Security Section 9 agent, join in an attack on revolutionary movement forces.

Hiroaki Higashi (stoicsense Inc.) and Production I.G, who also produced the Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Driver project, produced Ghost in the Shell Ghost Chaser. Jun'ichi Fujisaku (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex script) wrote the script, and Kazuchika Kise (Ghost in the Shell Arise chief director) was the character designer.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Kōtarō Nakase)

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