Meet Drops of God Manga Creators at Wine Event in L.A.

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Shin and Yuko Kibayashi will have a special announcement next month

Manga's connoisseurs of fine wine will head to California's own wine country and bustling Los Angeles for two special events. Drops of God creators Shin and Yuko Kibayashi are teaming up with vintner Peter Chiang for the Drops of God Wine Salon events next month. The sibling writers will meet fans and wine aficionados alike in Beverly Hills and Napa Valley on October 20 and 21 while enjoying 30 different wines from 9 different producers all hand selected by the Kibayashis. The full wine menu is listed below.

Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Yountville restaurant will provide the catering for the Napa Valley event on October 20 and The Bazaar by Jose Andres in Beverly Hills will provide its legendary tapas for the Beverly hills venue.

Even more exciting, the Kibayashis will make an announcement about their Drops of God manga series at the events. Tickets start at US$100.

The Kibayashis — under the pen name Tadashi Agi — launched The Drops of God manga with artist Shū Okimoto in 2004. The manga's final arc launched in May 2015.

Vertical published part of the manga in North America. Throughout its serialization, the manga had famously boosted the sales of wines profiled in the story. The French wine magazine La Revue du vin de France has also recognized the manga, giving it the magazine's top award. The New York Times also profiled the manga in its Dining and Wine section in 2008. A live-action Japanese series based on the manga aired in 2009.

Shin Kibayashi's Tokyo Wine Party People novel is inspiring a film adaptation this fall. Hideki Wada is directing the film, and Mika Hayashi is writing the script.

Source: Kodansha Comics

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