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89-Year Old Gamer Grandma Says Her Biggest Advice Is Get Into Games While You're Young

posted on by Kim Morrissy

89-year old Hamako Mori has been streaming her video game exploits on YouTube under the name "Gamer Grandma" since 2014. She's been a gamer for far longer, since the days of the Casette Vision and NES in the 1980s. Although she may be regarded as an oddity because of her age, the average age of gamers is steadily rising. In an interview with Game Spark, she shared some advice for fellow aging gamers: Get into games as early as you can and stick with them, because games can be a lifelong hobby.

"When you're young, you may be too busy to find time to play games, but if you start early and keep at it, then you'll have no problem with playing even when you're old. You won't be able to continue with fashion or sports as a hobby when you're older, but games are good because they're comfortable.

"Also, this is just my pet theory, but games are good for keeping your mind active. When thinking of playing a game, I learn how to play them and what they're about. I even kept memos. Ultimately, that was a good thing, because you generally stop doing that sort of thing when you get older."

Mori had one caveat: as you get older, it's better to play single player games rather than multiplayer games. You don't want to slow down the younger players. "However, as gamers get older, it may come to a point where servers are created specifically for older people."

Recently, Mori has been hooked on Days Gone and Grand Theft Auto V. At the time of this article's publication, her channel has over 32,000 subscribers.

Source: Game Spark

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