Sailor Moon Café Menu Finally Puts Haruka & Michiru's Love Out in the Open

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Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are an iconic queer couple in anime fandom. Their romantic relationship is plain to see in the anime series from their introduction in Sailor Moon S to their battle against Galaxia in Sailor Moon Stars. They flirt openly and are inseparable in their private lives and in their battles against evil. Despite this, neither character ever outright says they "love" the other in the same way that Usagi and Mamoru do in the series; be it the manga or anime. That changed for the first time in a menu, of all things.

The Sailor Moon "Girls Night Out"-themed café includes a menu item called the "Haruka & Michiru Night Drive Parfait," a dessert made with chamomile, pistachio ice cream, and mint jelly. The menu describes the treat as "filled with Haruka and Michiru's love," the first time the word "ai" (愛; romantic love) has officially been used to describe the couple's relationship.

Cheers to Haruka and Michiru on 25 years of romance!

The Tokyo and Osaka cafés will run from October 3 to November 17. The Nagoya café will run from October 10 to November 24. The Sapporo café will run from October 18 to November 17. The Fukuoka café will run from October 26 to December 1. The Saitama café will run from November 14 to January 13.

However, the Shibuya and Nagoya locations were closed over the weekend in response to Typhoon Hagibis.

For more information about the menu, venues, and reservations, check the café website.

Source: Sailor Moon Café website via Okazu (Erica Friedman)

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