A Certain Scientific Railgun Gets Real-Life Vending Machine That You Can Kick

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Vending machine will be installed at Shinjuku station from January 20 to 26

In A Certain Scientific Railgun, protagonist Mikoto Misaka is often seen kicking a vending machine in the park to get a free drink out of it. An actual vending machine designed for kicking is going to be installed at Shinjuku station from January 20 to January 26 for passers-by to try out.

The kick-able vending machine attraction is part of a wall-sized advert for the "A Certain Electric Shock Princess' Kick Vending Machine" (Toaru Dengeki Hime no Kick Jihanki) event in the A Certain Magical Index: Imaginary Fest (Toaru Majutsu no Index: Imaginary Fest) smartphone game, which will run from January 20 to January 27. The advert is situated inside the metro promenade for the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line. Everyone who kicks the machine will get a free sticker.

Square Enix, which is publishing the Imaginary Fest game, released an online commercial for the campaign featuring voice-over by Misaka and Kuroko's voice actors.

In addition to the real-life vending machine, the Imaginary Fest game launched a mini-game called "A Certain Kick Vending Machine" (Toaru Kick Jihanki) on Tuesday. The game can be played on smartphones via the campaign website. You play as Misaka trying to get drinks out of the vending machine. You can rack up points by tapping the kick buttons rhythmically and building combos. Free downloadable wallpapers will be given out to everyone who plays, and you'll get the option to share your score on Twitter and enter the draw for a free set of 12 stickers.

Finally, if you're playing Imaginary Fest, you'll obtain 3,000 Gekota stones and a gacha ticket that will draw a guaranteed 3-star character if you complete the "A Certain Electric Shock Princess' Kick Vending Machine" special quest, kick the real-life vending machine, and play the "A Certain Kick Vending Machine" game on the website. You'll need to build up a total score of 20,200,000 through the kicking game to get the Gekota stones and a score of 35,100,000 for the gacha ticket.

A Certain Magical Index: Imaginary Fest launched in 2019. A Certain Scientific Railgun T (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T), the third season of A Certain Scientific Railgun anime premiered in Japan on Friday.

Source: Animate Times

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