Petit Asobi Event Organizers Request Attendees to Wear Masks Amid Coronavirus Concerns

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28 people have tested positive for the virus in Japan as of Thursday; no reported cases in Tokushima

The Machi Asobi Twitter account posted a notice for attendees of the Petit Asobi vol. 8 event, scheduled for this weekend. The notice requested attendees to take countermeasures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and influenza, including wearing a mask and washing one's hands.

The Tokushima prefecture, where the Machi Asobi and Petit Asobi events are held, has not yet reported a confirmed case of the novel coronavirus. 28 people have tested positive for the virus in Japan as of Thursday, and one fatality has been confirmed. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, there is no widespread outbreak of the disease in Japan at this time.

The first outbreak of the novel coronavirus occurred in Wuhan, China in December, and then began to spread in varying rates and intensities across many parts of the globe through incubation in human hosts, leading the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a world health emergency on January 30.

The Petit Asobi event is an offshoot of the Machi Asobi event, an anime and manga event organized by anime studio ufotable. ufotable company founder, representative director, and president Hikaru Kondo resigned from his role as chairman of the executive committee for Machi Asobi in May last year. The Petit Asobi event is aimed at families and children.

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