Hundreds Pay In-Game Tribute to Final Fantasy XIV Player Who Succumbed to COVID-19

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Naoki Yoshida also confirms delay on next patch release

Gaming website DenFamiNicoGamer reported that on April 12, players of Final Fantasy XIV held funeral marches in-game for users Ferne Le'roy and Poppy Rose, who had passed away due to COVID-19.

Images and videos of the funerals have been shared on social media, showing hundreds of players participating.

Awareness about the march spread online after a user named Sevengems42 posted a notice about it on the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit as follows: "So this isn't easy for me to talk about. Zalera has lost one of our own to COVID-19. She was a member of FNG and this Saturday at 3pm PST we will be conducting a march from Ul'dah to The Guardian Tree in Central Shroud and holding a semi service. If you would like to attend, regardless of server please do just show up. All I ask is that you are respectful. She was one of us, and a very dear friend of ours. I'm not looking for karma or any such thing. so whatever happens with this post happens. The march however will not be stopped. Thank you for your time."

At first, the funeral was organized primarily for Ferne Le'Roy, but the scale of the event expanded as other players who had lost a fellow friend began to participate. DenFamiNicoGamer was able to confirm that another player by the username of Poppy Rose was also being honored through the march.

In a note posted to the game's official site on April 10, Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida expressed his deepest sympathies to those who have been affected by the virus in any capacity. He also confirmed that development on the next patch release will be delayed due to measures being taken to curb the spread of COVID-19, although he was unable to say how long the delay will be. He stated that the staff is healthy and working from home, and that the game's servers will remain open.

"While many of us worldwide remain inside our homes, we should remember to let joy and laughter fill them─because in times like these, it's especially important to find happiness where you can. I certainly hope that in delving into parts of FFXIV that you have yet to try─battles to be won, new jobs with which to hone your skills─connecting with in-game friends, and having fun together, your days will seem a little brighter," he wrote.

Source: DenFamiNicoGamer (Takayuki Furushima) via Livedoor News, Otakomu

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