Real-Life Corgi Befriends Life-Sized Pokémon Yamper Plush

posted on by Kim Morrissy

A Japanese couple posted an adorable video last month of their pet corgi, named Mugi, who recently celebrated his second birthday by getting a new friend: a life-sized plush of the Pokémon Yamper.

Yamper is an electric-type dog Pokémon that is inspired by the real-life corgi, so it was bound to get along with Mugi.

The owners have previously posted videos of Mugi playing with a smaller sized Yamper plush, as shown below. Mugi was very attached to this plush, even going as far as to sleep with it and get possessive of it.

The life-sized Yamper would have cost 5,280 yen (approximately US$50) from the Pokémon Center in Japan, and the smaller one would have cost 1,815 yen (approximately US$17). Between the two purchases, Mugi's owners have clearly shown themselves to be doting parents.

The couple also maintain a Twitter account where they regularly post cute pictures and videos of their dog.

Yamper was first introduced in the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield role-playing games, which shipped worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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