Anime Tourism Association Organizes Tour of Hyouka's Real-Life Locations in VR

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2012 anime by Kyoto Animation is set in Takayama City, Gifu

The Anime Tourism Association is organizing a Virtual Reality tour of the Hyou-ka anime's real-life setting of Takayama City, Gifu. The VR experience will allow users to tour the locations alongside a 3D model of the Anime Tourism Association's mascot character Junrei-chan.

The tour will be unveiled for the first time at this year's Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair, which will be held on September 19 and 20. It will be distributed for free exclusively through the VR video streaming app Blinky.

Kyoto Animation's 22-episode Hyou-ka television anime premiered in 2012, and adapts Honobu Yonezawa's original mystery novel from 2001.

The Anime Tourism Association was founded in 2016 as a partnership between Kadokawa and various tourism and travel companies. Their aim is to attract tourists, from Japan as well as foreign countries, and bolster regional revitalization projects throughout Japan. They revealed their 2020 list of noteworthy anime pilgrimage sites in October last year. Hyou-ka is included as one of the titles on the list.

Source: Press Release

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