Fully Online Jump Festa 2021 Event Schedule Released

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As previously announced, the upcoming annual Jump Festa event for this year will be fully online and held at the virtual "Jump Fest Island". The full schedule for Jump Festa 2021 Online, which runs from December 19 to 20, has recently been released along with additional details.

A total of 42 stage presentations will be held throughout the two-day virtual event, including livestreams from special guests at the Makuhari Messe convention center, recorded videos, and more. All of these can be experienced at the three virtual stages of Jump Fest Island – Jump Super Stage, Jump Studio, and Jump Amusement Tower – or on the official Jump Festa website.

Jump Super Stage

The Jump Super Stage will primarily feature stage presentations relating to anime and media adaptations of JUMP-serialized manga. The presentations will be streamed live from Makuhari Messe. Below is the timetable for events held at Jump Super Stage:

December 19 (Saturday)
Time (JST)
Stage Presentations Guests
 10:00-10:30  Dr. Stone

Yūsuke Kobayashi, Makoto Furukawa , Yūichi Nakamura , Manami Numakura, Gen Sato, Kengo Kawanishi 

 11:30-12:00   World Trigger  Tomo Muranaka, Yuuki Kaji, Nao Tamura, Yūichi Nakamura

13:00-13:30   Jujutsu Kaisen

Junya Enoki, Yūma Uchida, Asami Seto, Yūichi Nakamura  

 14:30-15:00 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 

Yuko Sanpei, Kokoro Kikuchi, Ryūichi Kijima, Junko Takeuchi 

16:20-16:50  My Hero Academia 

Daiki Yamashita, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Wataru Hatano, Junichi Suwabe

December 20 (Sunday)
Time (JST)
Stage Presentations Guests
 10:00-10:30 World’s End Harem

LINK, Taichi Ichikawa, Haruka Shiraishi, Yō Taichi, Aya Yamane

 11:30-12:00   Black Clover  Gakuto Kajiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Junichi Suwabe, Kana Yūki, Ayane Sakura

13:00-13:30   The New Prince of Tennis

Junko Minagawa, Ryotaro Okiayu, Junichi Suwabe, Sachiko Nagai 

 14:30-15:00 Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Riku Sanjō, Atsumi Tanezaki, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Mikako Komatsu, Tomoaki Maeno 

16:20-16:50  One Piece

Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Hirata, Ikue Ōtani, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Kazuki Yao

Jump Amusement Tower

The Jump Amusement Tower will be focusing on V Jump and Saikyō Jump. The stage will present information on the latest Jump games broadcasted live from Makuhari Messe. Below is the timetable:

December 19 (Saturday)
Time (JST)
Stage Presentations
 9:30 Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE Introduction Stage - Presented by V Jump Play
 11:00 ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Jump Festa 2021 Battle Stage
12:20  Naruto & Boruto Game Latest Information
 14:00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Latest Information JF2021 Stage
15:00 JUMP FORCE Special Stage

December 20 (Sunday)
Time (JST)
Stage Presentations
 9:30 Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE Introduction Stage - Presented by V Jump Play
 11:00 Dragon Ball App Stage
12:20  Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Xross Blade Special Stage
 14:00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Latest Information JF2021 Stage
15:00 Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Stage

Jump Studio

This stage will focus on serialized works from Weekly Shonen Jump, Shōnen Jump+ and Jump SQ.. The content will be presented via a recorded video feed. Below is the timetable of events:

December 19 (Saturday)
Time (JST)
Events / Featured Series
 9:10 Special Program for Digital Version of WJ Subscription
 9:45 Kemono Jihen
10:30  Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku
11:05 Haikyu!!
 12:35  Bōkyaku Battery
 13:30  Blue Exorcist
 14:05  Chainsaw Man
 14:40  Platinum End Special Report
15:05   Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
 15:50  Gintama

December 20 (Sunday)
Time (JST)
Events / Featured Series
 9:10 Weekly Shonen Jump New Hero Stage
 9:45 Hetalia World Stars
10:30  Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc
11:05 Moriarty the Patriot
12:00 2.5D Seduction
 12:35 Kekkai Sensen Back 2 Back
 14:05 Showa Maiden Fairytale
 14:40  The 2nd Nationwide One Piece Knowledge King Deciding Battle
 15:50 The Promised Neverland

Exclusive Jump Festa App

Jump Festa 2021 Online can be attended by either downloading the exclusive JUMP FESTA 2021 ONLINE app or accessing the official Jump Festa website (note that certain content is unavailable on the website). At the virtual Jump Fest Island, attendees can experience a variety of content and stage presentations by controlling characters drawn by artists whose works are serialized in Jump. As seen below, there are a total of 22 controllable characters:

Attendees can collect the JF Coins that appear on the island and use them in the "Capsule Character Tower" to obtain multiple characters.

While both the app and participation is free-of-charge, it is still unclear whether access will be region-locked to Japan.

Collect JF Coins on the venue!

JF Coins featuring designs from five Jump magazines and 24 popular serialized works will be scattered throughout Jump Fest Island. They can be used in minigames or to obtain new characters from the Capsule Character Tower. There are also rare coins hidden on the island to be collected.

One Piece, Dragon Ball Super and Blue Exorcist minigames

Attendees can play original One Piece, Dragon Ball Super and Blue Exorcist minigames with the JF Coins they collected. High scores will reward stamps that make manga-style sound effects and other effects around their controllable characters. A total of 12 different stamps are available, one for each minigame completed.

Photo Spot

Finally, there will be photo spots that recreate famous scenes from all 24 Jump titles. Attendees can snap pictures that look as if their characters are integrated into the setting of each title.

Furthermore, by using the "Join with Friends" function and the chat function, attendees can take commemorative photos at photo spots and watch stages together with their friends, family members, or fellow Jump fans.

Source: Nijimen

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