Gengar's Tongue is the Ideal Resting Place

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Premium Bandai's new Gengar merch sells out in just over an hour

You know what the ideal resting place is? According to Premium Bandai, the answer is on the long pink tongue of the Pokémon Gengar. The new premium merchandise features a 170cm tongue that can roll out to form a blanket. You can also literally stick your head inside Gengar's open mouth.

Pokeshopper has compiled the images Premium Bandai is using to promote the product, and boy do they evoke a mood.

Premium Bandai put up a listing for the new item on Friday with a price tag of 25,950 yen (approximately US$250). It has been a huge hit – according to Pokeshopper, it sold out in one hour and 14 minutes. Those who managed to get their hands on the goods in time are expected to see it shipped to their addresses in June.

Premium Bandai has been on a roll lately when it comes to creative Pokémon merchandise. In November, they released a giant Metapod cushion which you can climb inside of to escape the world for a while.

Source: Premium Bandai

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