Dragalia Lost Artist Draws the Genshin Impact Characters Based On Just a Few Hints

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Illustrator Naoki Saito, who is best known as a main artist on the Dragalia Lost smartphone game, runs a YouTube channel where he shares art tips and participates in art challenges. One of the semi-regular challenges he participates in involves drawing characters from popular franchises based on just a simple description of their appearance and personality. His most recent attempt shows him drawing several characters from the Genshin Impact video game: Zhongli, Tartaglia, and Hu Tao.

According to Saito, doing this kind of challenge is a great way for an artist to hone their character designing skills. Comparing one's own attempt to draw a character based on a brief to the actual design can help artists become attuned to character-building details that would otherwise escape casual notice. Watch the video to see how his attempt stacks up. (The video contains English closed-caption subtitles.)

Saito has previously attempted the same challenge with the Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Disney Twisted-Wonderland, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba characters.

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