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Former Nogizaka46 Idol Nanase Nishino, Actor Yuki Yamada Announce Marriage

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
Couple shared their news with joint message

Image via nishinonanase.com
Image via www.watanabepro.co.jp

If there's one thing Japanese mass media loves, it's idols and actors. And they love it even more when an idol and actor get married. The media was hit with a big idol and actor marriage announcement on March 31. The idol and actor, none other than former Nogizaka46 member Nanase Nishino and actor Yuki Yamada.


To everyone who has supported us

The couple released a joint statement on their respective X (formerly Twitter) accounts. In their message, Nishino and Yamada write (roughly translated):

To everyone who has supported us

We would like to announce that we, Yuki Yamada and Nanase Nishino, have gotten married.

We are still in the process of learning in life.
We have always valued the heart and soul above all else.

Our hobbies are playing video games, watching movies, traveling, and interacting with animals.
We hope to turn everyday life into encouragement for our activities and deliver works that everyone can enjoy.

We hope we can work together with you to create a world where everyone can feel happy.

We would appreciate your continued support.

At the time of this writing, Nishino and Yamada combined have received nearly 10,000 responses, a majority of which are well-wishes from their fans and colleagues.

Along with being a former member of Nogizaka46, Nishino has also appeared in Kenshirō ni Yoroshiku as Rika Sakamoto, Video Girl Ai 2018 as Ai Amano, and Shin Kamen Rider as Wasp-Aug, among others. Yamamoto has appeared in Godzilla Minus One as Shiro Mizushima, Ultraman: Rising as Ken Sato, and Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween as Ken “Draken” Ryuguji, among others. Nishino's full résumé and biography can be found through her official website. Yamada's full résumé and biography can be found through his agency.

Sources: Nanase Nishino's X/Twitter account, Yuki Yamada's X/Twitter account, Nanase Nishino's website, Watanabe Entertainment via Hachima Kikō

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