AnimeWorks announces Magic Knights Rayearth TV series

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In a public message on rec.arts.anime.misc, Media Blasters president John Sirabella announced his company's aquisition of the insanely popular "Magic Knights Rayearth" TV series. They have licensed all 49 episodes and will be releasing both seasons with a minimum of three episodes per tape starting in September 1999.

"We were going to wait until a formal convention but it seems that the excitement is pretty high," writes Sirabella. "Given the quality and high profile of this title we expect Magic Knight Rayearth to be the flagship TV series for Animeworks."

AnimeWorks, a division of Media Blasters (the company best known for its releases of hentai anime under the Kitty label) was established last year by Sirabella after leaving Software Sculptors.

He also noted in the message that the company has not yet aquired the Jungle Taitei movie, and that its future remains uncertain.

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