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AnimEigo declares official stance on DVD's

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In a public response to a few questions on the discussion board rec.arts.anime.misc, AnimEigo president Robert Woodhead declared that "AnimEigo plans to re-release most of our catalog on DVD in 1999 and 2000."

Woodhead went on to explain that "there has been a real change in the acceptance of DVDs over the past 6 months... Almost nobody wants to press LDs anymore, and the major stores are refusing to even stock them." AnimEigo plans to continue to use their subtitles that are embedded in the video signal for titles that are only available in a subtitled version, so as to avoid the technical issues associated with DVD subtitle tracks. Bilingual DVD's will make use of these tracks.

Although what and when titles are made available has not been decided, one very strong possibility is that all Urusei Yatsura will be made available on the new format. AnimEigo plans to start a sign-up sheet for the disc set, which will be priced about even with the VHS releases, but on half as many volumes.

Woodhead assured die-hard LD fans that "we will continue to release on LD on a case-by-case basis, if there is enough interest in a LD pressing to make it economically feasable."

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