Manga Entertainment to bypass ADV for Eva dubs

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Fans were pleased to learn at Anime Expo that Manga Entertainment had appropriated rights for all three Evangelion movies, and now Manga is revealing some new information on their handling of the title. The movies, which will see a theatrical release in 2000 (most likely the Death: True version to make it somewhat self-contained), will be dubbed with the same cast from the ADV dubs of the TV series.

How was this done? Not through a special agreement with ADV Films. Instead, each cast member was contacted and asked to be a part of the movie. "They were very excited to see the film coming out stateside," said Manga Entertainment representative Danielle Opyt.

It is thought that dubbing will take place in the Houston area (instead of Los Angeles or London, like most Manga dubs) to accomidate the old cast. ADV's dubbing director and private studio, Industrial Smoke and Mirrors, will not be used. It is not yet known who will direct the English version, or if clips from the TV show used in the movie will be re-recorded or sampled from the ADV production.

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