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Anchor Bay Entertainment Responds

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Michael Felsher, of Anchor Bay Entertainment issues a statement about their new anime acquisitions.

Hello, this message is being sent out to those of you who have sent
in one of many enthusiastic responses to our scheduled December
DVD releases of 1982's Angel's Egg and 1984's Warriors of the Wind
(a.k.a. Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind). Many of you have had
questions regarding the potential content of these releases, (i.e.
uncut versions, subtitling, etc.) and I wanted to let you know
what I can at this point.

Both films are tentatively scheduled for a December release. For
those of you who are not familiar with Anchor Bay Entertainment,
it is our intention to always release the longest, most representative version of the director's original cut. This means that any release of Angel's Egg or Warriors of the Wind would NOT be the versions released previously in the United States, which are well
known to have been heavily cut and/or altered for stateside release.
Anchor Bay Entertainment would just as soon not release the films at all if we are unable to provide the most accurate representation
of the filmmakers' original vision(s).

As to the rights issue which has been brought forth by several of
you regarding these titles, all I can say is that Anchor Bay
Entertainment has a contract to release these two films on video
for the United States via an existing long-term home video contract
from the films' original release here via New World Pictures. In
the case of Hayao Miyazaki's Warriors of the Wind, many have stated that the rights were re-purchased elsewhere by another studio as part of a package which included many of the director's previous works. However, Anchor Bay Entertainment does still have a license on this title, and will for quite some time to come.
The same is the case with Angel's Egg.

Finally, as far as special features are concerned, it is simply
too early to tell. Production on these titles will begin in the
early summer of this year, and your suggestions and comments will
definately be taken into account. Again it is Anchor Bay
Entertainment's full intention to release as definitive a release
of these films as can be done. Any features such as language
tracks, screen formats, and release names (i.e. Nausicaä for Warriors) will be determined at a later time.

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