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This May, Image Comics will be releasing the color manga series DARK ANGEL: Phoenix Resurrection, by Kia Asamiya. It will be the first Japanese manga to be published in color in the United States in over 10 years! Additionally, it will be the first manga ever drawn by a
Japanese artist specifically for an American publisher.

"Asamiya-sensei was never happy with the way his original DARK ANGEL series turned out.", explains C.B. Cebulski, who is coordinating the project with Kia Asamiya and Image Comics. "He has always wanted to go back and make DARK ANGEL into the true fantasy epic it should
have been. Image is not only giving him that opportunity, they are also letting him do it in color! This series will also be released first in North America, before it goes over to Japan.

Kia Asimiya's other work includes Silent Mobius(Viz), Steam Detectives(Viz), Nadesico(CPM Manga) and the Star Wars:Episode One manga(Dark Horse)

DARK ANGEL: Phoenix Resurrection #1 will go on sale in May for $2.95 from Image Comics. It will feature two covers, both by Kia Asamiya, shipped in a 50/50 ratio. It will be ongoing, released bi-monthly.
You can read a description of the series below.

In a time of myth and magic, where a man's worth is defined by his skill with a sword, there lies the mysterious central land of Oukoku. Surrounded by the Lands of Four Winds, Oukoku is a country in a state of constant turmoil and senseless battle. The rulers of the Lands of the Four Winds, known as Phantom Saints, have now been given the grueling task of keeping peace and order in their individual territories. It is believed that bringing peace to the individual territories will unite the whole of Oukoku.

Dark Yokuo is ruler of the Land of the South Wind, the Phantom Saint of the Red Phoenix. A master swordsman and skilled warrior, Dark still has a lot to learn about governing his land. At his side is his trusted fairy spirit, Kyo. Over the years, Kyo has long served as counsel and protector to each and every Phantom Saint of the Red Phoenix. However, she finds Dark the most hot-headed and stubborn Saint yet. When trouble arises in the West, Dark And Kyo must travel to the Land of the West Wind to confront its ruler Leen, Phantom Saint of the Blue Dragon. Will Dark be able to control his temper, and desire for the incredibly beautiful Leen, in order to bring a peaceful conclusion to the conflict with this neighboring land?

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