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You can now see Anime online at several websites. We're not talking fan-subs here, these are official websites providing high bandwidth connections and decent quality video.

Sputnik7 has been offering a small selection of movies from Manga Video for quite some time now. The videos are available in Real Player (.ram) and Microsoft Media (.asf) formats at several different speeds from 28.8kbit/sec to 200kbit/sec. Sputnik7 is currently offering 4 full length features, among these is the classic The Wings of Honneamise. If you haven't already seen it, now is the time. These videos are available at

Just yesterday Fanboy Entertainment announced on it's news site ( that TV Tokyo will be making "Mugen No Revice" available on its website by the end of this month and that parts of Niea_7 are already available on the Niea_7 Website at Mugen No Revice aired on TV Tokyo as recently as March. Niea_7 is a new series by the creator of one of 1999s biggest hits, Lain. Unfortunately Niea_7 is available only in Japanese (not a problem for a die hard Anime otaku) and it is likely that this will be the same for Mugen No Revice.

Keep in mind that even at 200Kbits/second the quality of these internet movies in no where near the quality of VHS let alone DVD.

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